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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 18, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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to protecthat family, it was a terrifying home invasion and we have the latest. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hot time summer in the city. man, is it hot across much of the country and it looks like it's going to continue this way for weeks so our advice, sit back, relax and enjoy some cool cable. >> remember how bad the winter was. don't complain about the heat, all right? we stayed in the city basically for 3 1/2 months. >> lemonade, ice cream and air conditioning. >> that's right. >> can't handle. molly line is in today for gretch. >> thanks so much, guys. nice to join you! >> always great to have you. tell us what's happening in the news and we'll talk about it. >> right to the headlines. breaking story overnight. a bomb blast in eastern afghanistan leaves three nato service members dead. at this hour, the victim's nationalities are being withheld. this comes on the heels of a
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weekend attack that left another nato soldier dead, killed by a man dressed in an afghan army uniform. it happened when david petraeus handed over control. it shows petraeus transferring power to lieutenant general john allen. in september, petraeus will become director of the c.i.a. and another bus tour crashing. this one leaving at least two people dead. it happened about 55 miles south of rochester, new york. the bus was on its way from washington, d.c. to niagara falls when the driver lost control, veered down a grassy embankment into the woods. 35 passengers are hurt. four of them are in critical condition. early reports indicate a tire blowout might have caused that crash. and the video is incredible and horrifying at the same time. a look at what happened, a stage collapse at a cheap trick concert and it was all caught on camera. it happened during a thunderstorm at the ottawa blues fest. thousands of people sent running for their lives. at least five people were hurt.
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one person is in serious condition. the band members are ok. but witnesses say they were thrown off of their feet. those are your headlines. >> wow. that's amazing. >> i didn't know that cheap trick was still on tour. >> summer. >> in the 70's, that was it. it was all right. >> cover of "the new york post." there she goes. wearing a pink t-shirt and her hair in a bun, there's casey anthony released shortly after midnight. last night -- night before last. the big question now is where did she go? >> right, where is she? >> where did she go? we know that after the courthouse right there, they went in a series of cars over to a parking garage where her attorney was. next thing you know, we don't know. >> possibly the old switch-a-roo there. >> she's facing the possibility of some lawsuits so she can't completely disappear so we may see her popping up again. right now, we don't know where she is and that's incredible really when you think about the amount of attention that this has gotten and that everyone knows what she looks like.
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>> it was amazing. had to go through some precautions. for a woman without a budget, it's amazing the amount of money we were spending on her, her safetyher future for now anyway or maybe somebody is keeping a tab because she probably will be coming into some money soon. they called up her parents and said do us a favor, show up at the hotel, excuse me, at the prison, and go -- and be a good decoy for the press who are going to be looking for you to pick up your daughter. they said no. through their spokespeople, they said no. there's not been any contact since the verdict. >> you got to figure, they said -- rather than no, probably are you kidding? what are you, nuts? keep in mind, her security up to the release was really, you know, incumbent upon the state to keep her safe. now that she's out, there was that story that there was apparently 3:00 in the morning, activity at the orlando executive airport and in fact, we've got pictures of an airplane and somebody got on. there's stories that, perhaps, these were some golfers returning home to columbus, ohio, there are stories out
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there that casey anthony is in columbus, ohio. >> i love this. she told an inmate she wants to pen a memoir, partial memoir. there would also be a comedy and a relationship book for those who are not in the know. i think any relationship she has would be a comedy, for example, and we know far too much about her background. i cannot imagine the book company that would sign her to a book deal. >> there is jose baez, the defense attorney might have a little insight into what she's doing and he spoke with geraldo. we'll be listening to a portion of that. take a listen. >> are you afraid for her physical safety? >> here's what i'm afraid of even more so, geraldo, and that is we live in the united states of america. and this young woman had her day in court where a jury of 12 found her not guilty of murder, manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. we need to start respecting jury verdicts and decisions that
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juries make, pundit and media personalities have no right to alternativ alter the life of any individual because they think may or may not have happened. >> what's making everybody crazy is the feeling that she's going to cash in now. make millions off this terrible tragedy. what's your response to that? >> well, i can respond to this. she has certain rights as an individual in this country and we will labor hard to make sure that she has the ability to exercise those rights. what she's going to do, no one knows. >> yeah and if she does get a book deal or something like that, that could explain -- you know, if they did charter a jet to fly her somewhere on sunday -- saturday into sunday night. obviously, the attorneys would subtract that figure from whatever potential book deal they might have in mind. >> all right. now at 5 minutes after the top
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of the hour, let's talk about something that's going to affect your everyday life, perhaps, that's the debt crisis and lifting of the debt ceiling. it's got to be done by the 27th of this month if they want a deal done by august 2nd making this a huge weekend and this week a big week. let's take a look back at what they accomplished, almost nothing even though the president hopped on his radio address and said i want a few ideas presented to me by monday and i don't think he's going to get it although the mcconnell-reid talks are continuing. bigger story, perhaps, is the $4 trillion deal according to jack wu is still on the table. >> right and the deals have been all over the map and don't seem to be narrowed down that much. we know that boehner and president obama had worked together, were trying to get this big deal, the big package, the $4 trillion package but not so sure that will actually happen. looking at the reid-mcconnell deal, there's some theories that might be on the table more. there's some people that want to see the budget plan, the amendment or even bigger down the line financial plan that could last for years and prevent a fiscal crisis from happening
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again in the future. >> right, and that's what "the new york post" is referring to on the cover where they say, open the g.o.p. debt plan with no tax hike and according to "the new york post," some insiders at the white house say if we can't get the grand bargain, if we can't get the $4 trillion deal, we'll take something smaller because we need to take something smaller. >> but speaker boehner brought up, i'm going to go back to talking the $4 trillion deal if you could list your plan and all the cuts that you plan on making rather than talk about a pie in the sky or a figure, nobody knows how you get to that figure especially when it comes to entitlements when you have no specifics of what you would be reforming about it. >> right, and one of the problems with the fact that if they settle for something less than $4 trillion is remember, on thursday night, standard & poor's warned that the u.s. triple a credit rating could be downgraded in the event that the u.s. congress does not do something to cut $4 trillion so
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now, there are suggestions out there it could be $1.5 trillion and $2.4 trillion, nobody is talking about $4 trillion. we might downgraded anyway. >> what about a $9 trillion deal? >> that's one of the plans that's out there right now. coburn working towards making that happen. take a listen. >> harry reid and mitch mcconnell are planning on putting, i think, $1.5 trillion worth of spending cuts. it doesn't do it. it doesn't fix the problem, the mcconnell plan is more of washington not taking responsibility for what -- it's a great political plan. it takes the pressure off all the politicians but allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> well, i'll tell you, just what he was referring to, the mcconnell plan doesn't see it's going to get the majority of the votes in the house. it would cost $2 trillion. it's a compromise as tom coburn
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said i have an idea. i'm going to cut $9 trillion but on the surfaces, i have one problem with it. he cuts a trillion dollars off the fence in 10 years. and claims it wouldn't be that much of a struggle. i find that hard to believe. he does also have some tax increases in it, tom coburn left the gang of five, gang of six and made it a gang of five because he felt as though he could not go along. >> some people making argument that some of the plans are kicking the cap down the road essentially and allowing the problem to continue, it would be a band-aid that would be a small patch here and there and others would want the bigger plans that could have a big impact now but at the same time, wouldn't create a new format for things down the road. so people are still all over the map even just ideologically about how this and what this will mean in the decade to come. >> sure, tom coburn will release his plan today. he knows it won't pass. he said ok, $9 trillion, let's do half. >> enyou like a good drinking
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game. we call it kicking the can down the road. every time you hear that, you do something illegal. >> we are running out of cans. there's an item in "the washington times" today that talks about how in a court case that's going on right now with the great big municipal union, apparently it has been released they've got this 70-page union manual on how to apply pressure and how to bully employers and their families and it talks a little bit about how, you know, rather than -- there are all different ways to get what you want. take a look. here's one suggestion out of this particular court case. it says "outside pressure can involve jeopardizing relationships between the employer and lenders, investors, stockholders, customers, clients, patients, tenants, politicians or others on whom the employer depends on funds." what they're trying to do rather than getting people sight to sight interest in the union, go to the corporate board room and make the corporation change.
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to hell with them, perhaps, going out of business, they want what they want. >> and we all know this is essentially what unions want to do. they want to pressure people to get their way and they're fighting for their people but there are some other things in their -- in this court case, they say they're encouraging using costly action that threaten the employer with costly action by government agencies or the court. that's another one of the excerpts they're threatening the employer with costly action by government agencies or the court. so really applying pressure from all different angles. >> and put it in black and white. what do you think about that? friends at write us. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, another single marine looking for love in hollywood. so who is the -- who is he asking to the marine corps ball? >> i'd like to take betty white. call me. >> we'll show you the complete
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proposal. will betty be able to say no? >> then, a home intruder confronted by a u.s. congressman. leonard boswell, 77 years old, fighting crime in the middle of the night with his own two bare hands. details straight ahead on this monday "fox & friends." way to go, congressman. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints,
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>> now that casey anthony is a free woman, most people think she will change her name, her hair, her looks. can she really get away from media spotlight and all the public scornge? joining us now, someone who knows a lot about protecting high profile people, donna smith, the president of also legal investigations. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. i appreciate the offer. >> you know what casey is
3:16 am
facing, she has about 537 bucks in her jail account, no job. she's estranged from her parents, a criminal record now. lawsuits pending against her. and a lot of people that hate her and believe that she got away with murder even though she has essentially been released and not convicted of those crimes. given all that she's facing, the mob that was waiting for her outside of jail as she walked out that door, can she be protected? >> she can. and i think that they're off to a good start, whoever is doing her protection detail is off to a very good start. they've managed to keep her out of the public eye. but that can't cest soon and she'll have a unique set of challenges in front of her when she does. >> yeah, i mean, she can't really disappear because she is facing lawsuits. people are suing her. so where does that leave her as far as protecting herself? >> well, she's gonna to have to
3:17 am
get some security from somewhere. i don't know how she's going to do it with no money. i know some people have stepped forward and offered to offer her other services pro bono, maybe a security company will do that. i don't know how that's possible but i suppose it is possible. >> you know, we've seen a lot of high profile people that have needed protection over the years. o.j. simpson, for instance, that was such a high profile case. this one seems a little different here. the victim was a child. there are people outside, you know, screaming during the course of the trial. how can she prepare for that down the road the next 10, 20, 30 years? >> i don't know -- i don't know that she can. bless her heart. she's going to have a tough road for about six months, i will say. hopefully something will come along to distract people. for the next six months, she has a tough road to go.
3:18 am
>> her defense attorneys have said she's been receiving threats and her parents have been receiving threats. how can you determine what threats are actually viable? the people that could actually commit violence in this barrage of people that have been screaming hateful things. >> well, the -- there's a lot of people making threats but for a threat to be credible, the person making the threat has to have the opportunity to carry out the threat and they have to have the ability to carry out the threat. without those two elements, the threat is not all that credible. so it would be up to law enforcement or if law enforcement chose not to get involved, private investigator to establish the credibility of the threat. >> donna, quickly, before i let you go, where do you think she is right now? >> she could be anywhere. but i would -- i -- if i were her security detail, i would have flown her out on a private airplane so if i were looking for her, i would start at that
3:19 am
airport. i would find out where that plane went and i would also want to know where it is right now. >> all right, thank you very much for joining us this morning. president of all protection and security, and been doing it for 20 years. thank you for your insight. >> thank you very much. every democrat including then senator obama voted against raising the debt limit in 2006 and now the republicans are taking that role. what can we learn from this swap? our washington insiders are next. then mexican drug dealers might not be the only ones getting guns from the u.s. government. the controversy surrounding attorney general eric holder is growing. boy, i'm glad we got aflac h
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>> we've got some quick monday morning headlines for you. conflicting reports about the health of former egyptian president hosni mubarak. his lawyer claims he had a stroke and slipped into a coma but egyptian state television and hospital officials denied that. mubarak due in court in two weeks on corruption charges. and the head of scotland yard paul stevenson is the latest person to resign over the hacking scandal at news international newspapers. he said he quit in response to wallace who doubled as a p.r. consultant to police. news corporation is owned by the parent company of fox news. brian? >> with the august 2nd deadline fast approaching, the president and lawmakers are still in a stalemate, as you know, over whether to raise the debt limit. but back in 2006 when president george w. bush was in office,
3:24 am
every democrat including then senator barack obama voted against raising the debt limit. and every republican voted for it. so why have they swapped places? what's changed? joining us right now, former president obama white house communications advisor cory elams and republican national committee member didi benke. is it ok, cory, what's changed so much in such a short time? >> i'll tell you, brian, first thanks for having me on the show this morning. i'll tell you, the situation that's different between last time and this time, nothing really. the challenge that we have before us is that right now, the president is working diligently with members of the house and the senate trying to get a deal done and that's the number one thing that we need to have in mind right now. if you think about it, when democrats cast the vote against the debt ceiling last time, it was really a protest vote against the enormous amount of off the books spending taking place in the bush
3:25 am
administration. you had two tax cuts. you had two wars. you had a prescription drug benefit that were not on the books, that weren't paid for. so it was a protest vote then. both sides have used this as a political football. we need to get rid of politics. we need to get a deal done. >> actually, cory. >> one was $800 billion was the suggested raise for president bush. this was $2.4 trillion. >> big difference there and absolutely, everything has changed. and i mean, we are at a crisis situation now. and harry reid said he was embarrassed about that and president obama said that he's sorry for doing that. they admitted they were wrong and harry reid said we as democrats were using political maneuvering. that was republican against democrat. right now, this is so big and so bad, we should call president obama president obama-opolis because this is like greece. we are at a crisis situation where the economy is just at a terrible state and the republicans are the only ones, cantor, mccarthy, ryan, cut cap
3:26 am
and balance. i mean, there's at least a plan on the table where president obama is not doing anything other than giving us a failed stimulus where we're paying $278,000 per job with that and we're also -- go ahead, cory. tell your story. >> going to vote on the balance tomorrow. but as far as this goes -- >> they're going to vote on that tomorrow and that is really an absent vote. that's an empty vote because at the end of the day, we should need an adjustment, a change to the constitution in order for lawmakers on the left and the right and at the other end of pennsylvania avenue, the white house to come together and solve these big time issues. this is ultimately what they were brought to washington to do. >> but they're not doing it, cory. president obama saying hey, cantor, don't call my bluff. he's not being cooperative at all and now he wants to raise the debt ceiling and we are -- we are in so much debt, trillions of dollars every year of his term.
3:27 am
we're $14 trillion in debt. we cannot keep doing. this it's a national security risk at this point. >> you know how it is, the president originally wanted the debt ceiling to be raised without any strings attached. at the end of it. now he says he wants $4 trillion but the republicans are urging him to get specific. >> exactly. >> we'll have to wait to get specific about cuts. >> this package -- right, the president is calling for $4 trillion, standard & poor's is calling for $4 trillion. that's the number, the simpson-bowles commission calls for $4 trillion. >> great job. i appreciate the hot debate taking place throughout the week. >> thank you. >> thanks, brian. >> brian, thank you, wow, that was a good one. that was a very heated debate. still no deal reached on the debt ceiling as the august 2nd deadline approaches. what effect is it having on your money? stuart varney will be here to break it down. >> yep, he just went through my purse. meanwhile, the congressman vs. the armed intruder. wait until you hear how this 77-year-old lawmaker from iowa fought to protect his family
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during a terrifying home invasion at the family farm. ini♪
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3:32 am
across l.a. vs. an airplane. both were trying to avoid the so-called carmageddon, traffic the city was bracing for when a section of the 405 freeway was closed for construction. who won, the cyclists or jet blue? the cyclists pedalled from burbank to long beach one hour and 34 minutes. it took plane passengers an hour longer because the airport check-in, security. even though the flight was 20 minutes, the rig-amaroll leading up to it took a lot longer. >> isn't that the same debate we have all the time from washington to here, are you better off on the plane or train? >> i just was thinking i'm not going to be biking back to boston. >> think about your quad development at the end of that journey. let's take a second and think about molly's quad development. >> all of us? >> ok, we're done. let's talk about a home invasion that ended up actually -- it
3:33 am
ends up with a positive. >> it has a happy ending. let's talk a little bit about the congressman from what washgs democrat by the name of leonard boswell. there's his picture right there. he's been serving the state of iowa for many, many years. saturday night at the family farm in lamoni, iowa, in decatur county situated right there, some guy broke into their house and he had a gun. and apparently, the guy was demanding money and pointed a gun at boswell's daughter, cindy brown. well, congressman boswell then sprang into action. he actually grabbed a hold of the guy's gun. >> no hesitation, jumped on him. no doubt. absolutely. this is his daughter at stake here. i mean, the family was home. people were in the house when this guy comes in with a gun. the grandson was there. he got involved. >> the grandson saved the day. he whipped out his -- the 22-year-old grandson, not a little kid. got a shotgun out and aimed it at the intruder. i guess he released his father. and then the man fled into the fields. >> he did.
3:34 am
>> when somebody comes out with a shotgun. >> whole thing lasted less than a minute and the sheriff out there who has had that job for something like 20 years say i have no memory of any home invasions. they think it was a random thing and they didn't try to tarpth the family farm but nonetheless, leonard boswell, 77, a u.s. army vet and u.s. member of congress came to the rescue. >> don't mess with him! >> see how many candidates go out there to have a photo op in iowa with the congressman. right now it's 26 minutes before the top of the hour. give you a round about look of what's happening in the world. >> all right, she was hand picked by president obama to run the new consumer protection bureau but elizabeth warren not getting the job. her tough stance against banks made her a controversial choice. the president is choosing another credit card watchdog, he's nominating former ohio attorney general but the republicans are vowing to vote against him or any nominee until the white house makes changes to the agency. >> meanwhile, crew of the space shuttle atlantis all set to leave the international space
3:35 am
station for the final time. over the weekend, astronauts packed up the cargo from the space station. now they're transferring that cargo on to the shuttle. they'll detach from the space station on tuesday and are scheduled to arrive in florida on thursday morning. this is nasa's final shuttle mission. it's scheduled for the 5:00 hour. you'll see it live on a special edition of "fox & friends." >> last wednesday's hail storm still creating problems at the denver international airport at this hour. frontier airlines canceling 39 flights today while planes get inspected. total of 96 flights were grounded this weekend because of 18 of its 59 airbuses were damaged by hail. >> forget the oscars, the marine corps ball is becoming the hottest event for hollywood celebrities. first, there was sergeant scott moore that asked mila to the event. and now another celebrity is getting a special shoutout. here is sergeant ray lewis. >> i'd like to take betty white. she's just funny.
3:36 am
she's sweet. she's mature. she's all around perfect woman. me and her, marine corps ball this year. let's go. call me. >> no word yet if the 90-year-old actress has accepted. let's hope so, both mila and justin said yes. >> how cool is that? >> all right. it would be quite a night. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise coast to coast and it is going to be another hot one. these images are from oklahoma city. in oklahoma and once again, they're going to be under the broiler all the way from the central plains to the northern plains. some spots of north and south dakota, north of 100 degrees later on today as the heat spell continues. meanwhile, take a look, we have widely scattered thunderstorms moving through portions of the great lake states this hour. most part, much of the land is dry. a little lingering shower along the gulf coast. and back along the inner mountain regions and portions of the rockies.
3:37 am
current readings as you head out, good morning, minneapolis. it is 81 degrees already. same thing for chicago. same for kansas city. warmer yet in dallas. in raleigh/durham right now, they've got about 70 degrees. later on today, though, we approach the hot zone. look at this. rapid city, south dakota today, 100. 97 minneapolis. about the same for kansas city. warmer yet in dallas and 99 today in el paso. the chilly spot on this map, 71 in san francisco. and that's a quick look at the fox travelcast. now the big story in sports. >> 2:30 time eastern sunday, a lot of people scrambled to their tv sets because it was a world cup final like few have seen. women's world cup, japan vs. u.s.a. team u.s.a., the favorite against the japanese. who had been stunning. but you're look right there, abby wambach scoring in overtime. looks like they might lock it in but this clutch play with three
3:38 am
minutes left gave japan the 2-2 tie and guess what? it's time for penalty kicks. the worst way to end a world cup in the history of sports. the u.s. would not show up. they missed three of their four. japan would convert when they had to. the japanese who as a nation has been through so much. the japanese team has never beaten the u.s., i think, in 24 meetings. they win this one by being patient and being clutch. the u.s. stunned but japan gets a world championship and for a moment anyway, that country gets a chance to rejoice and celebrate. >> i believe they are happy in any language, i get that. e>> all right. the deadline to raise the debt ceiling is inching closer but what is it doing to your money? >> let's talk to stuart varney who knows about his money and knows about your money as well. >> good morning to you. >> if you are one of those intelligent people who over the past couple of years has invested in those gold coins and given them to the grandchildren
3:39 am
or college fund or whatever, you're looking really, really good this morning. gold just seconds ago crossed $1,600 an ounce and it crossed that key level. new record high because chaos in europe and looks like we in america may lose our financial reputation. downgrade looks at least likely as opposed to possible. it looks more likely that we get downgraded. >> and the reason you say that is because there's a story out today in "the new york post" that talks a little bit about how it doesn't sound like president obama is positive he can get that grand bargain. he might take something less which s&p has warned, less than $4 trillion, you're going in the dumper. >> these rating agencies turned around last week and said look, unless you really cut that deficit seriously, no matter whether you get a deal or not, if you don't cut that deficit seriously, we're going to downgrade you. $4 trillion seems to be the cut-off point so unless we get
3:40 am
$4 trillion off that debt we get downgraded which is a very serious thing. you lose your financial reputation, all kinds of people suffer because of that. not individuals so much. i don't think it's going to happen to your mortgage rate or car loan rate but 7,000 cities and towns across america depend upon uncle sam to have a triple a rating. if it gets downgraded, they suffer. big deal. >> what about you mentioned, you know, real estate, all that. but what about our 401k's? >> well, today, you are likely to see your 401k go down in value because of all this uncertainty about a downgrade. we're looking at the market, the stock market likely to be showing a heavy loss at the opening bell just as it has done in recent days. >> one of the co-chairs of the deficit commission came forward and said $2 trillion means nothing. you have to double it. i understand that. but it wasn't -- if the president had his way, there wouldn't be a debate about this. this is something that would be voted on. the debt ceiling raised if it
3:41 am
wasn't for this big clash. have they been making such a big emphasis on it? >> i don't think they would. i don't think the ratings agency would. >> we brought it on ourselves? >> we brought it on ourselves. >> for every reason. >> look, there's all kinds of reasons. you're questioning the ratings agencies. i would say flat out, that had we just raised the debt ceiling without any question whatsoever, no political debate whatsoever, yes, they would object but it would be down the road, ok? they wouldn't object until down the road. this crisis that we're in right now, we may not send out some government checks, that's a big reason why we are going to get a downgrade or may get a downgrade. got to be careful. >> we have to be careful. that's why we watch the varney & company program on the fox business network every day. weekdays, off today at 9:20. >> 1600 bucks an ounce for gold. that's a headline. >> hold it? sell it? what do you do with the gold? >> i'm saying you've made a lot of money, ok?
3:42 am
that's all i'm saying. >> thank you very much. >> keep the money. >> thanks, stu. up next, the gunrunning scandal surrounding eric holder could get a whole lot bigger. american guns not just going to drug dealers in mexico. >> then after seven decades, superman gets a make-over ditching the red briefs and dumping lois lane. >> that's just wrong! >> they grew apart. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back.
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3:46 am
until a bankruptcy auction tomorrow. and here's your first look at the new superman. his red briefs are gone replaced by blue jeans and a t-shirt. it's the man of steel's first major make-over in 73 years. and when the series reboots in september, he will not be dating lois lane. oh, my goodness. >> there's a controversial fast and furious gunrunning investigation have a cousin in florida? this morning, there's concern over a program called operation castaway. >> instead of putting guns in the hands of mexican drug dealers, did we give guns to honduran thugs. is this a joke? what can you tell us about castaway and how this might or might not be related to fast and furious? >> it could be related and guns were put into the hands of criminals. over 1,000 guns approximately. so we need to know if it's related and the fast and furious is also obviously a flawed program and it could happen right here in tampa. i'm going to find out.
3:47 am
we have written letters to holder and malson as well and we need to know. they've contacted us on friday and told us that they're getting our answers -- getting the answers as quickly as possible. i want to know, i know darrell issa who is chairman of the over sight committee is going to investigate this. we're not going to let up. it's very serious. >> what gives you cause to believe it might be similar to the fast and furious program? >> we've gotten reports and also my staff has looked into it. it's very possible it could be gun walking and that's unacceptable. again, a flawed program, very serious and very negligent and it's got to stop. >> we contacted the atf to try to get a comment on this and help this topic. they did not get back to us but you do say this. was this run out of the tampa office? >> yes. the castaway was run out of the tampa office. >> right. you say five firearms from illegal sales are the main source that ended up being
3:48 am
connected to crimes, some as far as puerto rico? >> yeah, crime, ms-13 puerto rico, honduras and could have been gun walking and as far as i'm concerned it's negligent, flawed and again, we got to stop it so that's what i'm going to do. >> when you talk about gun walking, that's essentially when the authorities actually put out on purpose guns and then try to track them. but could it be, in fact, that they were just, you know, tracking guns that were already in the system and even in that case, there's the concern that the weapons made it into the hands of gangs and things like that. >> right, exactly. exactly. the gun walking is authorities have knowledge and they allow these guns to go in the hands of criminals. and it's got to stop. and we're going to stay on this. >> the big question that you and congressman issa has been going after is did this start and end with the acting director of the atf on its own or go all the way up the ladder to the attorney
3:49 am
general? that's not been answered. >> it hasn't been answered. >> and your concern about florida and the country. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> all right, coming up, these quadruplets do everything together. now could they deploy together? brothers and sisters taking their strong family ties to war. >> and the president has got a jewish problem. a new poll finds just 43% of the jewish community plan to vote for him in 2012. got 78% of the votes just two years ago. governor mike huckabee is in israel right now. he has an insider's perspective.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> brand new poll out that shows president obama is losing support with jewish voters in this country. the same voters who helped get him elected to the white house in 2008. take a look at the poll. 65% supported him in 2008. and now only 43% do. so is this going to hurt the president's re-election chances? probably. but don't take it from me. take it from mike huckabee, the host of "huckabee" joins us live from jerusalem today. hello, sir. good morning to you. >> hello, steve. well, the president definitely has a jewish problem in the united states. he also has a jewish problem here in israel. among israeli jews, his support, his favorability is down to 4%. sometimes it can range as high as 15% but he's basically in single digits and that's how much there is a disfavor of the president and his policies here among israeli jews. so they may not vote for him, but they may have a big influence on their friends and neighbors back in the united
3:54 am
states and those numbers aren't looking good either. >> sure and governor, if you look at a reason to explain that, a lot of it has to do with the fact that months ago, the president came out and suggested, you know, ok, let's both sides get together and the palestinians and the israelis and as a starting point, let's go back to the way the lines were drawn back in 1967 with some mutually accepted swaps and when he said that, he said this is a great idea. however, the people in israel are horrified because now, as you look at the map right there, they would be surrounded by who they consider to be the bad guys. >> well, it would be a devastating setback for their security. we're talking about borders that would be no more than nine miles wide in the narrowest part of israel. this is insane. there's no way ever and prime minister netanyahu has made it very clear. that's not an option. but steve, there's an interesting poll that just came out this weekend in israel and this is a poll among 1,000 palestinians and what it shows
3:55 am
is that 61% of the palestinians reject the idea of two people, two states. so if president obama thought he was losing jewish support to gain palestinian support, i got bad news for him. this recent poll that just came out breaking the papers here today in israel shows that it's not anymore popular with the palestinians than it is with the israelis. so now, i'm not sure where he goes from here other than to say that the proposals are definitely not being well received by anybody. >> no kidding. mr. huckabee, what are you doing in israel today? >> well, i'll be interviewing prime minister netanyahu for a special exclusive report that will air this weekend on "huckabee" and i'm also here to get some souvenirs for you and brian and molly. i'll bring those home later on. >> we can tell you when you buy this stuff at the airport. you have to actually go into the town itself and buy some stuff. no more i went -- >> there's some great stuff to be had.
3:56 am
send me your list and i'll promise to bring it back. >> sure you will. all right. governor mike huckabee joining us from jerusalem. sir, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. all right, straight ahead, our current laws didn't put casey anthony behind bars. do we need to write some new laws? new rules cracking down on bad parents sweeping the nation, perhaps. and then the president says 80% of americans want a balanced debt deal. but that's not what the polls say. we're going to talk to former white house press secretary dana perino. how is the administration doing its math? [ dave ] take any surface and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it. oh.
3:57 am
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the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at >> good morning, it's monday,
4:00 am
july 18th. i'm molly line in for gretchen carlson. is the president losing the fight for deep debt cuts? new signs that he's leaning towards a republican deal that won't raise your taxes. former white house press secretary dana perino weighs in. >> all right. from rock show to horror show. what caused the stage to come crashing down? we'll tell you. >> he's not injured but a firefighter able to hang on to his disability of $75,000 a year. is the firefighter scamming the system or is the system scamming the taxpayer? we're going to report and you will decide. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starts now. >> hi, everybody, welcome to a brand new week. it will be monday if you're checking your calendar at home or on vacation, i'm glad you're
4:01 am
up and please, whatever you do, use protection from the sun. as steve pointed out in the first hour, it's really hot across this great nation. >> thank you, mr. coppertone. molly line in for gretch. >> great to be here, guys. thanks for having me. >> we'll talk a little bit. tell us what's happening. >> headlines, breaking story overnight. bomb blast in eastern afghanistan leaves three nato service members dead. at this hour, the victims' nationalities are being withheld. this comes on the heels of a weekend attack that left another nato soldier dead killed by a man dressed in an afghan army uniform and the attacks happened as general petraeus hands over control in afghanistan. new video shot in the last hour shows petraeus transferring power to lieutenant general john allen. >> i cannot overstate the gratitude that i feel for being provided such opportunities to serve my nation and the nations of several different coalitions and host countries. >> in september, petraeus will become the director of the c.i.a.
4:02 am
and new video from newark, new jersey as workers try to tow an s.u.v. out of a pond. it was right near the newark airport. officials say for one was in the car at the time. no word yet on how that s.u.v. ended up in the water. and a rock concert turns into an absolute horror show. take a look at what happened. a stage collapsed at the cheap trick concert. it was all caught on camera and it happened during a thunderstorm at the ottawa blues fest. thousands of people sent literally running for their lives. at least eight people were hurt. one person is in serious condition. the band members are ok. but witnesses say that they were thrown completely off of their feet. and for the past 18 years, the quadruplets of redding, pennsylvania, have done almost everything together. now they'll start the next chapter of their lives in the military. all four have decided to enlist
4:03 am
in the national guard. >> as a mother, i'm close to all four. so it's harder. it's harder for me to see them leave the house. >> their sister erin is the first to leave today. those are your headlines. >> all right. family. >> 3 minutes after the top of the hour. dana perino joins us live in washington, d.c. welcome back. >> good morning. i know you're watching the sunday shows even when you're not on them, you watch them all. everybody was talking about the debt crisis. i was dumfounded by this. nobody had anything new to add. the crisis continues. the hosts were as flabbergasted as the pundits. all this stuff has been said and now they are talking about president obama wanting a smaller deal to get us over the hump. what do you hear? >> well, i agree. i mean, there was nothing new yesterday morning and it was sort of -- it was kind of boring, right? you want to advance the ball but there was no way to do so until you wake up this morning and there was a story in "the new
4:04 am
york post," not -- i haven't seen it reported elsewhere but this reporter is usually pretty good saying that president obama could be willing to do a smaller deal or either the $4 trillion deal that the republicans had initially put forward but the problem i've heard from leadership this morning on the republican side is that they don't agree with how president obama would get to the $4 trillion because of the tax hikes. president obama talks about millionaires and billionaires being taxed but you can't get to $4 trillion by taxing millionaires and billionaires so pretty soon, while you're -- senator mcconnell has said while you're taxing the people in first class, pretty soon you'll end up taxing the people that are flying coach in the back as well. >> you talked a little bit about mitch mcconnell, his so-called plan b that we heard about already last week, we -- we have heard that there aren't enough votes in the house to pass it on the republican side. and then you've got the news that apparently the house republicans in the next couple of days are going to try to pass this cut, cap and balance thing
4:05 am
which stands no chance in the senate. >> well, i actually think both things could be true. so, for example, i think the house will pass that, right? and then they can go out and say, we voted unanimously on the paul ryan budget which would significantly reform entitlement programs and cut the -- cut spending and we did this thing on the debt ceiling and then because that won't be the final deal, what ends up happening is you get a little bit of the mcconnell deal and i wouldn't call it plan b. i would call that plan f, maybe, and then -- >> plan b. >> and you add a little bit of cuts, a little bit of reform and at the end of the day, what's going to happen is president obama will sign a debt ceiling increase that will not have tax hikes and you will wonder why president obama didn't initially offer that deal and spent a month really getting pummelled in the press and in the polls. >> you know, some of these plans have long-term goals, the balanced budget amendment and to look at things down the road, do
4:06 am
you think any part of that will make it in here or will we have as brian had mentioned more of a patch type end to this? >> i think on the house side, you could maybe pass a balanced budget amendment. remember, it's easier to do that in the house and you're in the majority and you don't have the majority in the senate because it's never going to happen anyway. so you might as well go ahead and vote for it if you believe in it and then you can go out and campaign on it. >> sure. here's senator marco rubio talking about where these negotiations are at and a lack of trust for the government. >> i don't trust washington because they have shown time and again, any time they get their hands on more money, they don't use it to pay or avoid debt, they use it to grow the government. >> and that is why he's not for a so-called tax increase that likes to be spun as a revenue increase. >> but -- >> i think senator rubio captures what people are feeling across the country which is that we -- it's not that they don't want to have government. it's not that they don't think that we need to have some sort of spending on some sort of programs. it's that they feel that every time washington is given more
4:07 am
money, they don't ever really cut. they just spend more and then they keep asking for more and they're tired of it. >> indeed. and so that's one of the reasons why when the president said this on friday at his latest press conference, he said that 80% of the country, dana, wants a balanced approach to the debt. as it turns out, that's not true. it's not 80%. it's something like 32%. where do you think -- i'm sure it's 100% inside the white house. but where would he pull that number from? >> well, i think that this shows that once again that america is way overpolled and you can -- you could find a poll. i'll bet they probably did have some sort of internal poll that they paid for out of the campaign or the dnc or from the, you know, not pull from the white house but some sort of democratic poll that said 80%. i'm sure he probably didn't pull that out of thin air or they got together all the numbers and added up to 80%. >> off by 50%. that's jaw dropping. >> too much.
4:08 am
>> right. and i still think that the gallup poll for most people is kind of the good housekeeping seal of approval when it comes to polls and one of the problems for president obama is that their team did not communicate effectively that the debt ceiling issue was separate from other things. and so people across the country are just lumping all of this stuff together. >> yeah. >> and they want less government spending and more effective government and the other thing that the white house will tell you, most people want tax increases. yeah, but start picking at that scab a little bit and you don't have a very clearance on that either. >> yeah, if it's somebody else's taxs that are increased. that will be fine for anybody that's taken the poll because they're not affected and i'm sure they're going to be skewed. >> right, if you tell people it's going to be millionaires and billionaires, 98% of the country is like that's not me. that's not true. you can't make that kind of money on millionaires and billionaires. >> 55% disagree that tax hikes
4:09 am
should be included. it's interesting to see how people take these numbers and what they do with them. poll numbers can be used depending on what you're trying to get your message across. >> that's exactly right and i also think that there was a quinnipiac poll last week which is also well established poll, but the next day, things are changing and so, if you're at the white house and looking at all these different numbers, you're probably pretty worried about the re-election. >> what about the president himself? i know that you have looked at this situation and you feel that the president is pitting the public against politicians in this whole great big grand debate down in d.c. >> yeah, not unusual for a president to try to stand above politics and partisanship. the problem for president obama especially on this debt ceiling issue is that every day, there's a different message. and just last week, they blamed republicans, republican congresses and then on saturday in his radio address, he tried to take a different tone and say, look, everybody has some
4:10 am
skin in the game, nobody is blameless. and if someone were to actually follow president obama's trail on these message points, you'd end up going in a circle. it's very confusing for people. >> i know. three press conferences in about 10 days and the tone was different each and every time. >> right. message t message too, could anybody say what is the white house proposal on the debt ceiling? >> i like at the press conference on monday, somebody said can you give us some specific? give us some specifics on cuts to entitlement? no, not talking about details. people want details. >> for the people who are paying attention, they do want the details and plus, you can't ask a a republican congress to ask for something without details. that's where president obama is different from president clinton. in 1995 and 1997 president clinton offered a deal to republicans that they could swallow and then he was able to turn that around and say look what i did. >> uh-huh. worked out for him. >> dana, there's something
4:11 am
happening not particularly unusual as we inch closer to the 2012 elections but red states not feeling the love from president obama. he's made half of his presidential trips lately to the swing states, those key voting states not including, of course, maryland and virginia because they're so close. so clearly, he's making trips, hitting those states. but what do you think that? is that unusual or pretty much par for the course? >> you're right, molly. it's not that unusual. however, it's unusual this early in the election cycle because this goes back starting last january. january of 2011. i think that in some ways, the white house has written off a few states. indiana is probably gone. in this graphic that "usa today" has, they don't include maryland and virginia because they're so close to washington, d.c. that he goes there quite a bit but virginia as a purple state, they say, and i actually think it's leaning republican now but he's not going to bother going to oklahoma, maybe not even wyoming, my great home state of wyoming.
4:12 am
it's not worth it for him, right? and also you want to have a really good crowd, you want to have somebody who is going to be able to respond. you could pull that together in any state. but you don't need to work at it so hard and if the president has limited time, he's going to go to those states that he thinks that he can win. >> right. and those blue states where you can raise money. >> well, that's why he's been to california three times. i mean, he talks about millionaires and billionaires, his friends in the tech community are helping fuel, you know, his fundraising. and so he'll go to california a few more times. he might make a stop here or there in kansas or idaho, but i don't think he'll spend a lot of time there. >> according to "usa today," only 16% of his visits have been to safe g.o.p. states. who knew they'd pick the locations just based on politics? >> you know what? i would add one thing, steve, is that the state he's visited most is ohio. one of the things i learned from secretary mike leavitt who worked on the reagan campaign back in the day, he was told you
4:13 am
cannot win a presidential election without ohio. >> that's right. >> so i think that everybody after the caucuses and the primaries are going to spend a lot of time in that state. >> we had the governor of that state here last week. we'll watch you today at 5:00. fantastic. >> ok. >> we move ahead. something they might talk about at 5:00 today. >> casey anthony, free woman. if your current laws could not convict her, do we need new laws? nationwide push to crack down on bad parents. >> and this firefighter qualifies for disability of $75,000 a year. but look at the glove. he's apparently healthy enough to do martial arts and perhaps work. should we blame him for scamming the system or blame the system for making it so easy to do it? that straight ahead on "fox & friends."
4:14 am
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>> casey anthony is out of jail this morning and in an undisclosed location. she may be in one of the 20 states considering caylee's law, the law that would make it a felony for a parent or guardian not to report a child missing within 24 hours. joining us is someone who is leading the charge to pass caylee's law in florida, state representative jose diaz. thanks for being here this morning. >> good morning. thank you have been ffor having. >> what does this mean in florida? it's particularly emotional there and you're getting a lot of calls and e-mails from your constituents, right? >> absolutely, we're obviously at the epicenter of this trial and so many people were absolutely frustrated by the judicial system in this one case. i myself am the father of a 1-year-old. it was so riveting, so compelling to watch the verdict come down and have three not guilties in the case where a mother did not report her child's death for 31 days.
4:18 am
and that just frustrated people, had them act. i received hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and i expect to receive hundreds more because parents all across our state are just absolutely mesmerized by how our statutes could fiail th parents -- >> what is your version of caylee's law? what does it seek to accomplish? >> i think ours is the first one filed. it has three parts. it creates an affirmative duty on behalf of the parents so they have to report a missing minor child within 48 hours of knowledge of that child's disappearance. also, it creates an affirmative duty to report of the death of a child within a couple of hours to empower law enforcement to investigate when a child's murder or death has occurred and then finally there's an escalator. currently, it's only a misdemeanor to obstruct justice in florida but in cases where your child has gone missing
4:19 am
where your child has passed away, if you as a parent are obstructing justice, then you're committing a felony of the second degree that could give you up to 15 years in prison. >> it seems so sad that these laws are necessary to be considered and there have been critics actually that say, you know, you could be getting parents in trouble when they don't need to be. perhaps, you know, if a child is missing for 48 hours, older runaways, that sort of things. are you concerned that good parents get -- that could get caught up in this legislation depending on how it's worded? >> many laws are reactionary. in florida, some of the most important pieces of legislation that have been put forward have come after the disappearance of a child. in this case, we're going to do everything we can to try to mitigate unintended consequences. as a matter of fact, our law for missing children goes for kids 12 and under because we understand that from 12 to 18, kids are much more likely to run away or go out to concerts or do
4:20 am
things that their parents are not aware of. we're going to work together to make a strong piece of legislation. >> thank you so much. jose diaz, excuse me, congressman in florida working on caylee's law. thanks for joining us this morning. >> all right. coming up, what if you qualify for disability but still healthy enough to work? should you sit home and take the check? next, a firefighter who is doing that but can you blame him? or should you blame the system? then, they touch you but don't you dare touch them! should this woman really face charges for turning the tables on a tsa agent? coming up. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!! honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too!
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4:23 am
>> welcome back. september 11th first responder forced to retire because of an injury is still collecting
4:24 am
$75,000 about in disability benefits even though doctors determined he was fit enough to return to work. he was so healthy, he's been able to compete in mixed martial arts competitions but firefighters union has told him to ignore his healthy diagnosis and cash in at home even though he wanted to return to the job. >> joining us right now is costa mesa congressman who won the city council seat by taking on the unions. what's your reaction to this story here in new york? this firefighter went back, got re-evaluated, would have been told to go back to work but he's not going to? >> yeah, brian and steve, this is not just new york. it's all across the country. the labor unions work with the state legislatures to put together these things called presumptions and basically, if you get -- if you have an injury, it's presumed it happened on your job and it's grown across the country so if you're a construction worker somewhere and you have a bad back, you have to prove that it happened at your job. if you're a police or fireman, it's considered that it happened on the job and automatically you
4:25 am
can get disability pretty much. >> right. and apparently what happened -- this guy went on disability in 2003 and an independent medical review said no longer disabled. so they took a vote. the city voted he's got to go back to work. the union said he should stay at home. and you say one of the sweet deals for him is the fact that on this $75,000 that he takes home in disability, it's 100% tax free. >> yeah, depending on how you're considered 50% disabled, 75% or 100%, it can be tax free across the board. the biggest problem is happening in coming across all these states now is we're doing these disabilities 5 and 10 years after someone is retired. so the kicker is that the public is getting hit with the tax-free portion of it. you know, when you don't pay taxes on it, it doesn't go on your city budget or state budget. there's no tax revenue coming in from the income you make and it's a real hit to the budget of states and cities.
4:26 am
>> they said this guy was post traumatic and he also has asthma issues, had anyway. the new york mayoral statement on the firefighter went something like this. he said "the board already reviewed his medical records and determined he isn't disabled. this was about one thing, using the process to stall. now a firefighter who is ruled fit and the medical board will get a disability pension for the rest of his life. and fight in mixed martial arts competitions along the way, it seems. >> yeah, the problem here -- let's face it, we love our police and we love our firemen. since 9/11 happened, our hearts go out to all those people. >> absolutely. >> problem is our brains sometimes start to shut down a little bit and we don't think of these things logically. we want to give them everything we have. we care for them and love them. the fact of the matter is we can't afford a system that says automatically somehow if something happens to you, it happened on your job. in 43 states now, we have these kind of laws and in california and many other states, it's gone to cancer.
4:27 am
if you get cancer 10 years after you've retired, it's considered to be part of your job and therefore the amount you get will be tax free, that's a big problem. >> good idea that just went awry along the way. jim from costa mesa, california thank you for joining us live today. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet. >> we move ahead now. 3 minutes before the bottom of the hour. so what he's 77 years old. he fought off a home intruder with his own two hands. >> he's one of the legends in the nfl, colt mccoy is here along with the coach that took him to the top. his dad. we'll go inside their daily huddle when we come back. "fox & friends" live from new york city. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
4:28 am
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4:31 am
>> today's shot of the morning. meet the newest member of the beckham family. victoria posted this photo. the baby's name came from harper lee, the author of victoria's favorite book "to kill a
4:32 am
mockingbird". the middle name seven symbolizes spiritual perfection. >> wait until she finds how rich her parents are. >> didn't bruce willis name their child scout after the same book. quite a book. >> not sure. that's a cute name, though. >> ok, seven, harper. let's talk about this. it was thursday at terminal 4, checkpoint d, sky harbor out in phoenix when that woman right there, a 61-year-old colorado woman apparently she was sick and tired of going through the tsa's screening and decided to reach out and touch somebody. >> literally. >> and she did, the woman who was patting her down, she evidently grabbed this woman's breasts and according to some reports might have twisted it. >> squeezed and twisted. >> squeezed and twisted so that was -- there were two actions. she's got no criminal record but they arrested her. >> and charged her with sex assault. i mean, it -- it would be one
4:33 am
thing if the agent did something to you and then you in turn did exactly the same thing. you could say i did the same thing. but to grab a hold of this woman, the tsa officer, barbara o'toole to do that is not part of the protocol. >> there's a lot of controversy, though. they feel the tsa screenings are a little too touchy feely. we don't know what happened here. what the incident -- what was the run-up to this? >> i'll tell you this, when you have an intelligence report that says there could be exploding bras, we've had exploding underwear and we have had exploding shoes so the tsa agent says ok, there's been all breaches of security, they go in a meeting and say it could be through the press. how you do and how long you hold and how you pat down, that's an art form. >> for them to charge her with sex assault when so many people feel like -- my wife has gone through this 1,000 times because she has the titanium kneecap. >> does one good grope deserve another? >> that's the question. that's what people are asking.
4:34 am
in fact, apparently there is now a facebook group that's put together to help support her. somebody said she's a modern day rosa parks standing up to the authority. there's also a legal defense fund. however, one other person wrote -- why would we acquit her? she's committed a crime against the federal agent. if you don't like the rules and don't -- >> so write us, friends at you can tweet us, too, and friends. >> let's take a look at other stories making headlines this hour. police are looking for the gunman who burst into iowa congressman's leonard boswell's farmhouse and threatened his daughter at gun point demanding money. congressman boswell, a 77-year-old vietnam war veteran fought with the intruder. there was a scuffle and his 22-year-old grandson came out with a shotgun, aimed it at the robber and he took off. no one was seriously hurt. police think it was a random robbery attempt and not a
4:35 am
politically motivated attack on the congressman. >> and heat is being turned up on british prime minister david cameron over the news of the world phone hacking scandal. as a member of parliament calls for an investigation, cameron who is in south africa has delayed parliament's summer vacation so he can brief lawmakers and he defended his relationship with the former communications head and news of the world editor. this comes after london police commissioner paul stevenson quit after another news of the world employee as a p.r. consultant. news of the world and its parent company news international is owned by newscorp, the parent company of fox news. >> she was hand picked by president obama to run his new consumer protection bureau but elizabeth warren is not getting the job. warren's tough stance against banks made her a controversial choice. the president now is choosing another credit card watchdog. >> today, he's nominating former ohio attorney general richard cordray but republicans are vowing to vote against him or any nominee until the white house makes changes to the
4:36 am
agency. >> making sure that high school football players have safe helmets is usually the school's responsibility, not the janitor. this guy, brad keen is the janitor at jordan high school in salt lake city, utah. he's a huge fan of the football team and wanted them to have the safest and best helmets possible, they cost $300 each. how did he pay for all the helmets? >> sold my old car. i had some extra money in my savings account when you give back for something, it makes you feel really good. >> how great is that? the state of the art helmets will reduce the chances of players getting concussions. and speaking of players, brian kilmeade has got one of the best. >> i thought you were going to talk about my alleged head injuries but straight ahead, from the town of just 714 people to one of the youngest quarterbacks in the national football league, colt mccoy has certainly made it. the road to success was not easy. at one point, nfl scouts didn't think he could cut it in the pros. it was the skills he learned from his family on and off the
4:37 am
field that got him this far. he wants to share it with you. joining us is the co-authors of that new book, growing up colt, koeme colt mccoy and his dad brad mccoy. we got you before summer workout started. great to see you. >> thank you. >> why write the book now? >> it's not like a biography by any means. it's a book that my dad and i kind of wrote together. we had an idea some of the things my mom and dad used when they were raising me, principles they used and some of the ups and downs that i faced growing up to get where i am now, you know, by no means have i arrived or done any of that but, you know, i thought it was a great idea for a book and we kind of put it together and hope it helps somebody. >> i think you're right, personally. some of the principles that you want to get across for parents who are coaching their kids, want to raise solid kids that can help them. prepare your child for the path, not the path for your children. what's that mean? >> well, you know, i was a
4:38 am
coach for 27 years and you see parents, you know, all the time they love them, they care them, they want the best for them. instead of preparing the children for what's going to happen in their lives, they go forth and prepare the path before them and, you know, when there's inevitable time when that child is going to fail so we don't allow them to fail. >> because he's not a bulldozer parent, right? that plows that field, that goes town the coach and says why is it my son is not starting and why is he playing this position, correct? >> exactly. >> lot of people do that today every day. number one, prepare your child to do their best. so it's not just about winning, colt, wasn't just do your best? >> you know what? and that kind of goes along with prepare your child for the path, not the path for your child. you know, do your best. you know, if my best is being good in school and being a good math student, he's going to push me to do my best there. my goal and what i want to do is play football, you know, and he was my high school coach and, you know, it was always do your best. do your best.
4:39 am
be a leader and everything else will work out. >> note is on the mirror. you said something else to him. be a leader. >> we can all be a leader no matter what our walk in life is, how talented we are, we are going to be a leader and lead people. that's all we ask of them. if their best was second or third, that's fine with us. we never did tell them to be the best. >> he was named colt. it's not actually your first name. it is actually your middle name. >> it is my middle name. >> yet thousands of kids are named colt now because of your son. yet it's his middle name. this is a scandal, sir. >> i've always gone by my middle name and never went by my first name. >> do you mind if i tap into your dad's coaching skills a little bit. this is me and your son, he's in the prime of his career. i'm way past it. i'm trying to adapt to his game knowing i'm a soccer player. what do you see here? in terms of that catch. >> good catch. >> he was always throwing it. we had him throwing and not catching. >> what about me catching? if you raised me, might i have
4:40 am
been a pro? >> you had great capability there. >> the ability to go down -- >> go down -- >> your body to get the ball. >> would i start on your high school team? >> you would absolutely. >> thank you very much. check i.d.'s, i might be in trouble. when is this lockout going to end? what do you hear? >> i wish i could say it was ending right now, you know, the only thing i can do is listen to our player reps, you know, because we can't have any involvement with our coaches or our organization, but it seems like all the feedback we're getting right now is very positive and, you know, speaking for our team and our organization, and the players on our team, we're anxious to get this over with and get back to work. >> i hear you're going to be suiting up with this week, is that true? >> i hope so. the media does a great job of reporting. who knows? >> i know you guys can play football, i know you'll be coaching. great job on the book, if you were coaching your son or daughter, this is the book you got to get. you want to raise great people, not just great athletes, this is the book you have to have. >> i salute the way you raised
4:41 am
colt. whatever that means. a story you'll want to see. the school superintendent who says forget tax hikes, he's going to -- he's getting all the supplies students need for free. and the president told republicans don't call my bluff. michael is in the green room and says he has a real gun to his head. he didn't blink then and won't blink now. the congressman joins us next. first, time to play your trivia question of the day. boy, i'm glad we got aflac h aflac! oh, i've just got major medical... major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy! [ quack ]
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we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends. it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. come on, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> time for your news by the numbers. first, 300 million dollars.
4:45 am
today, g.m. will announce that's how much it's investing in a flint, michigan assembly plant. updates needed to build g.m.'s next generation of full sized pickup trucks. next, $69. that was the advertised price of a new ipad 2 at they usually go for $750. after hundreds of people tried to buy them, sears canceled their orders saying the ad was a mistake. sorry. $476 million. that's how much the final harry potter movie cleared in global ticket sales over the weekend. the u.s. total was nearly $169 million. the best three-day opening ever. steve? >> that's a lot of harry potter. meanwhile, faced with a cash flow shortage, the superintendent of claremont, ohio, schools faced a tough choice when he took over in 2007. force the district to raise taxes or think outside the box. he grabbed attention all over
4:46 am
the country. claremont northeastern superintendent joins us live today. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, steve. good to be on the show. >> when you got your new job as superintendent, they said you're out of money. you'll have too raise taxes. you said nope, i'm going to look outside the box. what did you do? >> well, we looked outside the box and we decided to start teaming up with local businesses and there's not a business that we won't team up with. and i know a lot of superintendents have called all over the country and asked how we're doing this and i said it's an egg sandwich at the golf course at their clubhouse. we just meet, we talk about it. and i think what makes this successful, steve, we never go in asking for money. we go into a meeting, me and the ceo or the owner of a business and talk about ways that they are going to benefit from partnering with us. and i think that's what's brought a lot of success to what we do. i've talked to, oh, several hundred businesses in the last five years and i've never received a no because businesses
4:47 am
usually tell me, you know, i've been wanting to call the school district and partner one way or the other, we didn't know who call, what to say or what would be expected of us. when i go on the top 10 list, it eases the conversation and they're always eager to jump on board. so it's just not the tangible items that we felt we brought in over the last five years of about $3 million but the partnerships growing and forming that benefits the students now, whether it's work force development, jobs, just two months ago, we had a company by the name of schaefer who makes hydraulic cylinders call us and say hey, we need to add some youth to our work force here, our business, can you supply us with a few names? and they told us what they needed. we gave them about eight names. four of those students got hired at that business at $14 an hour and they're going to get two years of college paid for while working for that business. so these partnerships have formed way beyond just getting free tangible items for the district and the students and staff benefit from these
4:48 am
partnerships. and you know, when i wrote the book, steve, i wrote the book with my wife and wanted to make sure that we could help other school districts across ohio and across the country. robert parish helped right this book but i think making it an easy blueprint to read. it's 100 pages. you can read it in one or two settings and it's humorous. it's not as boring as the title say but all stake holders within a school district can benefit and learn ways. taxpayers, board members. >> let me just inject, the name of the book you're talking about it "superintendent savings strategies" and we'll put up some of the tips from your book. you said recognize business partnership. you just went through that. we've got some other ones we're going to put up. negotiate the benefits for the school. with tax incentives for businesses moving to the district. benefits for staff and students. and ultimately, what this has done, neil, you've needed computers, you've gotten computers from organizations. you've needed desks. you needed all sorts of stuff
4:49 am
and you wound up reaching out to businesses saying, hey, look, you got some stuff you don't need anymore. we can use it. >> that's exactly right. and that's how it all started to keep our head above water. you had our governor on there last week talking about it and i've listened to him cross the state talking about how businesses and schools need to partner up and help one another out and that's exactly what we've been doing for five years now. if i can get the governor to slow down enough to get a meeting with him, i know he'll like some of the things that are in this book and you can find this book and it's $10 a book and $3 a book goes into a cancer scholarship fund in my wife's name to go to seniors. she came down with cancer when we were on chapter 9 and i said we're going to stop the book and work on your cancer and she looked at me and said we have too many hours in the book to stop the book. we finished chapters 10, 11 and 12 in her room. we finished this book there. >> if folks want to check it out it's called "superintendent
4:50 am
savings strategies" good idea. businesses have the stuff, why throw it out? >> i got one quick request, steve. >> quick. >> if you got a second. we're looking for one tangible item that we have not been able to find in southwest ohio. if you find it, you call me, i'll come to new york and get it. we're looking for one of those money making machines they got in washington. >> no kidding. we're looking for it, too. >> find one, we'll come and get it. >> he is funny. mr. superintendent, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> all right. >> all right. funny guy. >> straight ahead, the president, speaking of the money machine, told the republicans don't call my bluff. then congressman michael grim responded bring it on. the former marine who has had a real gun held to his head here next. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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>> all right, the answer to the trivia question is vin diesel, my look-alike. the winner is gary from wisconsin. congratulations, gary. >> the republican-led house set to vote for the cut and balance pledge on wednesday. president obama says the bill is a waste of time. our next guest is a retired f.b.i. agent who has literally had a gun pointed at his head. he didn't blink then and he says he's not going to blink now. >> republican congressman from new york, michael grim joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> we saw that headline where we heard last week the president said don't call my bluff and we heard you say look, i've had a real gun to my head. i didn't blink then. >> you know, i think it's about a message that we -- this is serious. this is to some extent life and death for the united states of america. if we don't get our debt under control, we're not going to be the country we were. we're not going to have the opportunity for our future generations and we have to stop playing politics.
4:55 am
this is not a political football that we can keep passing back and forth. we have to get serious. we put two plans out there. the president has yet to put anything on paper. he has no plan. and we cannot just continue to spend money we don't have. >> you're so -- i mean, we've seen in washington so much focus on this august 2nd date. are you concerned we should be focusing more long term, more down the road. >> well, no doubt. listen, there's two things that are going to happen. yes, we have to raise the debt ceiling or not raise the debt ceiling when we're looking at a crisis because we'll default or down the road, if we don't deal with our debt, we're going to default. they're going to downgrade us because the cost of our debt will be so exorbitant, we won't be able to pay it. >> would you say right now you won't go for the mcconnell plan, a plan that no sides are satisfied with but might be able to get you through this hump. >> my problem with the mcconnell plan is it's abdicating our responsibility. we were elected to make the
4:56 am
tough decisions. one of the reasons i decided to run is i felt politicians on both sides have not dealt with our issues and have put things off for further congresses. >> would you say in this current climate of divided government, you're not going to get everything you want. >> i'm fine with crompromising. i'm not looking to get everything that we want. you have to have some plan to deal with the debt. >> i know the plan is house republicans will go ahead -- there's the mitch mcconnell plan, cut cap and balance. >> i think it's very sensible, cut cap and balance. i think the biggest thing everybody has been screaming about medicare, social security. first of all, it's the president that put social security on the table, not the republicans and this plan does not deal with that right now. what it does is a balanced budget amendment that forces that issue down the road. and look, 49 states have a balanced budgetme amendment. obviously, the congress can't live within its means. i would like the president to explain to me where is the down side of a balanced budget amendment. you have a busy week in washington. good luck. >> it's going to be busy.
4:57 am
>> straight ahead, the president says you can't solve this debt crisis without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share. we're going to ask the wealthiest americans to pay his fair share, donald trump. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ took some crazy risks as a kid. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more,
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5:00 am
good morning. it's monday, july 18. i'm molly line in for gretchen. casey anthony ditches court reporters makes a clean get away. where is she hiding? her attorney talks only to fox news channel. >> steve: look at these pictures. it wasn't the music that brought down the house. it looks like a special effect in a movie, with you it really happened. what caused a stage to come crashing down? we'll let you know. >> brian: if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, should you make a pretty woman your wife? scientists have the answer. i saw a guy in a lab coat with an envelope, so i'm going to
5:01 am
talk to him. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: brian, it's good to know you saw a guy in a lab coat with an envelope and not one with a rubber glove. >> brian: yeah. >> molly: we've got headlines. breaking story overnight. a bomb blast in eastern afghanistan leaves three nato service members dead. at this hour, the victims' nationality are being withheld. this comes on the heels of a weekend attack that left a british nato soldier dead. he was killed by a man dressed in an afghan army uniform. the attacks happening as general petraeus hands over control to afghanistan. new video shows petraeus transferring power to lieutenant general john allen. >> i cannot overstate the gratitude i feel for being
5:02 am
provided such opportunities to serve my nation and the nations of several different coalitions and host countries. >> molly: in september, petraeus will become the director of the c.i.a. this march, investigator -- this afternoon, investigators plan to talk to a driver of a tour bus that killed two people t. happened south of rochester, new york. it was on its way from washington, d.c. to niagara falls when the driver lost control ask veered down a grassy embankment and into the woods. 35 passengers were hurt, four of them in critical condition. earlier reports indicate a tire blowout might have caused the crash. a rock concert turns into an absolute horror show. look what happened, a stage collapsed at the cheap trick concert and it was all caught on camera during a thunderstorm at the ottawa blues fest. thousands of people sent running for their lives. at least eight people were hurt. one person is in serious condition. the band members are okay, but witnesses say that they were
5:03 am
literally thrown right off of their feet. those are your headlines. >> brian: why is cheap trick at a blues concert? do they sing the blues? >> steve: they do today. >> molly: musicfest. >> brian: casey anthony waking up a free woman. 259-year-old who was re-- 25-year-old who was released and whisked away, where is she now. >> steve: casey stegall is at a makeshift memorial where caylee's body is found. where is she? is she in ohio? >> no one knows where she is. that is the simple answer to that question. i got to say, this release over the weekend did not happen like a lot of us thought it would. we were saying there was no way it was going to happen close to midnight. we thought they were going to sneak her out the back door, but that was not the case. take a look at the video that played time and time again yesterday across the world. 11 after midnight is when the front door of the orange county jail opened and casey anthony
5:04 am
emerged, walking right out in plain view of the 300 or so protesters that gathered outside of the orange county jail. the vast majority of them not in support of the 25-year-old and shouting things like baby killer. she rode off in an suv and switched cars in a covered parking garage so the media could no longer track her and as we said, no one knows where she is. now, back out here live, over the weekend it may sound morbid, but this place was mobbed with people, a tourist destination of sorts. you can see it's filled with balloons and signs. back there, the woods where the remains of little caylee anthony were found. people came through here all weekend long to either protest casey anthony's release, to pay their final respects, or just to snap a picture. back to you in new york. >> steve: all right. casey stegall live in orlando. the reason i mentioned ohio was she was sprung shortly after midnight and then at 3:00 o'clock in the morning at the orlando executive airport, there was something going on,
5:05 am
police activity, a plane took off for columbus, ohio, and those are the images right there. but nobody saw her, per se, get on. the story is they were some golfers returning home. >> brian: if she gets an interview, she could get a million dollars. word is she's got under $500 to her name. the big question is, too, where would she go and what about her parents? they haven't been in contact since. they tried to -- she reached out to her daughter, but so far there has been no reciprocal movement on her side and the question is now, were the parents asked to be decoys on release days? >> molly: did they decline? right. we've seen a dysfunctional relationship developing throughout the trial. over the course of -- after she had been staying in jail after casey had been staying in jail, her mother tried to talk to her and been denied. so if they were asked to be a decoy and they declined, where
5:06 am
is the relationship now? >> steve: it's in the dumper. just imagine. and apparently what happened was jose baez actually asked george and cindy whether or not they could come and throw the squad of reporters off and they said absolutely not, through their attorney. speaking of jose baez he spoke exclusively to geraldo about the release. here is a snippet. >> are you afraid for her physical safety? >> i'm afraid of even more so, geraldo, and that is we live in the united states of america. and this young woman had her day in court where a jury of 12 found her not guilty of murder, manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. we need to start respecting jury verdicts and decisions that jury ies make and media personalities have no right to try and alter the life of any
5:07 am
individual because of what they think may or may not have happened. >> what's making everybody crazy, jose, and you know this, is the feeling she's going to cash in now, make millions off this terrible tragedy. what's your response to that? >> i can respond that she has certain rights as an individual in this country, and we will labor hard to make sure that she has the ability to exercise those rights. what she's going to do, no one knows. >> brian: no one know, but somehow there is talk of writing a memoir and getting a million for the first interview. let's talk about the ongoing debt crisis and raising of the debt ceiling. we heard july 22 was the big day for the framework of a deal to be cut and august 2 is the drop dead date. are we really going to be dead beats as a nation? there is a few reports. first off, there is a report from abc that the $4 trillion
5:08 am
offer is back on the table and john boehner is meeting with the president about it. one thing boehner said is mr. president, you want $4 trillion? now for the first time, if you want us to move forward on this, you have to list everything you're going to cut because no one understands where you're getting this money from and you never talk specifically about a deal. >> steve: right. something else that is in the "new york post" today, we were talking about this with dana perino in the last hour, and that is apparently the white house coming to the realization, maybe we can't get the $4 trillion deal. so now apparently the president is open to a smaller deal brokered with the gop. don't know exactly how small. one suggestion is $1.5 trillion. another is $2.4 trillion. then there is the $9 trillion suggestion by tom coburn, the senator from oklahoma, he has come up with that deal. he's going to unveil it later today. he knows it's not going to pass, but he says, if they did half, that would be a step in the right direction.
5:09 am
>> molly: he's thrown it out there. take a listen. >> harry reid and mitch mcconnell are planning on putting $1.5 trillion worth of spending cuts with it. it doesn't do it. it doesn't fix the problem. the mcconnell plan is more of washington not taking responsibility. it's a great political plan. it takes the pressure off all the politicians but allows to us pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> steve: so there is another plan coming to the senate. in the house this week, republican also bring forward the cut, cap and balance proposal. >> brian: he's also going to cut in this a trillion dollars over the next two years in the defense department which it's got to be a nonstarter if we want to be a global force. the other problem he also has revenue raisers. he does look at our taxes. >> molly: some people perceive a lot of these plans as just a patch to the problem and not creating a long-term solution that where we could find our
5:10 am
self in the exact same situation five, ten years along the road. the president is saying, hey, we've got this deadline loomingg and he wants to focus on that and not any of these longer term goals. one thing at a time is part of the goal. >> steve: the president sticking to his guns on raising taxes. and perhaps jacking them up on the rich to fix his spending problem. listen. >> you also can't solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share. >> steve: is he talking about wealthy americans like donald trump? we'll talk to mr. trump live in about 15, 20 minutes. >> molly: first, she's sick and tired of the spending cuts. nikki haley here with her own plan to hold the government accountable. zpú,úx @g @ ;3
5:11 am
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5:14 am
>> steve: with lawmakers still deadlocked on a debt creel, two republican governors why a message for washington. don't raise the debt ceiling until you balance the budget. south carolina governor nikki haley teamed up with rick perry to make sure that washington is listening and governor haley joins us from columbia, south carolina. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning. >> steve: you and governor perry are now pen pals with america, writing in the newspapers? >> you know, what you're saying is there is great governors across the country that are having to balance their budgets, they're having to cut spending and having to cap spending and what they're saying is, look, if we're doing this in the states, we want you to do this in d.c what governor perry and i are trying to do is say the ohm way we're going to get washington in
5:15 am
line is if we start to balance our budget. they're going to need the state support to do that through the constitutional amendment. we want them to know we've got governors lining up to support them in that process. >> steve: the idea that later this week the republicans in the house are going forward with cut, cap and balance, you love that because you think america should have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution? >> listen, we will never get our debt in line until we have a balanced budget amendment. i will tell you in south carolina, for example, we were borrowing federal funds to pay for unemployment benefits and they brought that to my desk in january, i said i don't want to borrow anymore and they said you have to and i said, this is the last time. we borrowed in january, by the time we got to march, we had cut benefits from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. we stopped giving benefits to seasonal employees that were college students that were working for the summer getting benefits. we went and made sure we got in
5:16 am
line so when that piece of paper came back to my desk in march, we did not borrow anymore money. that's what dc needs to understand. you have to cut your spending. you have to cap where you're going to be and you have to balance that budget. all the states are doing this. dc can do this if they want to. >> steve: yeah, but that's the key. if they want to. right now you know, governor, dc is a machine that is really good at sucking the money out of our wallets and out of our purses as well and now they're talking about increasing the debt limit. i got a feeling you're not crazy about that proposition, even though so many economists say if we don't, we're in for armageddon. >> both parties have made mistakes. this is not about republican or democrat. this is about the fact that we have got to get ahold of our budget. i will tell you that the one thing that dc does respond to is reelection and i think that the people need to let them know they're watching. both parties need to realize we
5:17 am
expect results. we don't expect any more talking. if we're leading as governors in our states and getting this done, they should be getting that done, too. i'd love to see them do what i did in south carolina which is have every legislator have to vote on every section of the budget so that you can see their spending habits. >> steve: that's a great idea. that would be terrific if that were in washington as well. governor, let me ask you -- >> it worked great in south carolina. >> steve: i'm sure it does. let me ask you, the republicans have come out with some plans and they've laid them out for everybody to see. but the president of the united states when asked on friday by jake tapper about his plan, he heard behind closed doors he's talking about cutting entitlement spending and the president said, i'm not going to get into specifics, that's one of the problems right now. we don't know what the president's plan is if he has one. >> you know, it's because he's worried about reelection and that's really what hampers an elected official. it's when they start worrying more about reelection than
5:18 am
results, you get into a problem. this is not a situation where you can't know what you're doing. we need a leader. a leader needs to make decisions. those decisions are not fun. they're not easy. we haven't had great fun times in something s but i tell you what, we started with a definite sit and ended up with a surplus. that's the way you have to function. that's the way you have to lead. we need our president to lead right now and we need the republicans and democrats to insist on a balanced budget and cutting spending. >> steve: we're getting down to the crunch time. governor nikki haley, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you very much. been a pleasure talking to you. >> steve: great talking to you. next up, casey anthony living the good life or is she? her legal battles far from over. up next, the prosecutor who has tried and won nearly 50 capital murder cases. if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, should you marry an ugly or pretty woman as your wife? scientists now have the answer. we'll share it with you straight
5:19 am
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5:22 am
>> brian: i recognize that music. i'm in a secret location. don't try to follow me. here is what's happening in the world. let's look. new video of the space shuttle atlantis. the crew is transferring cargo onto the shuttle. they'll detach tomorrow and set to touchdown in florida on thursday morning. "fox & friends" will be up really morning. we'll bring it to you live. and there you see it. the lawyer for fox news international ceo rebecca brooks insists she's not guilty of any crime after that phone hacking
5:23 am
scandal in news international. she was arrested in london yesterday and now out. back up top, prime minister david ram con delaying parliament's summer vacation to answer lawmakers' questions about the scandal. judging by the teleprompter, i'm out of stuff to read, back to you, molly. >> molly: casey anthony waking up this morning as a free woman for the first time in three years. she walked out of jail greeted by an angry mob of protesters. will she be able to live the good life? joining us now is prosecutor anna. she tried 50 capital murder cases, won them all. what do you think? what's next for casey? >> i'm sure that wherever she is, she's very happy and unfortunately, anything that happens to her is la vida bella. look where she is. she's not in jail. i think she's going to stand her ground, but only for a little
5:24 am
while. this is at best a hiatus. >> molly: can she stay underground because there are people suing her, after her for money, equusearch, they believe their time was wasted, their money wasted. can she disappear? >> and it was. think about all the people that made these donations to try and find missing children and unfortunately, little caylee was dead and at best her mother knew it. so it is equusearch who is suing her. i think it's 112 suicide they're suing for. zenaida gonzalez, she said she lost her job, couldn't find work. lost her home because there was so much scrutiny and suspicion cast on her unfairly and unfounded. and that prosecutors haven't done it yet, but the state will look to recoup the hundreds of thousands that they spent trying to find this little girl for all the months that, again, at best, casey knew what happened. >> molly: when she was leaving jail in florida, there was litterily 100 people outside. there was a mob screaming at her. she has security concerns right
5:25 am
now. will she have them really for the rest of her life? >> it's the type of thing she's infamous, but people will want to attach themselves to her to get something from her. i'm sure there will be security concerns. the state is not going to take any part in providing security, nor should they. she's a civilian and they don't do anything to protect you and i and shouldn't for her. whether her defense team will do something, they might. but it's the thing that is this mass mentality going to remain? probably for a little while, but then it will drop off. she'll still have to be looking behind her because there are so many outraged people that can't get behind what's gone on here. >> molly: she has security concerns and will have them for years to come, will she be making money on this somehow? >> again, unfortunately, she's going to make a lot of money on this. the various civil suits could recoup, if they win, which hopefully they will. but that's losses what she potentially could make.
5:26 am
100,000 there and here, they're looking to give her eventually she'll make it all the way around. interview, she could make it for books and television. although they're saying right now it's untouchable. it's too big a story ultimately for people once she's ready and her lawyer is going to cash in on this. they'll start to give it to her and unfortunately, she can make a lot of money off of this. >> molly: thank you so much for joining us this morning and weighing in. >> thanks. >> molly: coming up, the president wants to use the rich to fix his spending problems. >> you also can't solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share. >> molly: what does donald trump think of this? he is rich and he'll be joining us next. and then a home intruder confronted by a congressman leonard bosswell, fighting crime in the middle of the night with his own two hands.
5:27 am
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>> molly: here is today's shot of the morning. how hot is it? in omaha, nebraska, they need to do dump ice in pools to cool off the pool. they used over two tons to bring the temperature down from 88 to 82 degrees. that's still kind of warm. >> brian: what's inside that
5:31 am
pool? >> steve: icebergs straight ahead. >> brian: steve, we're going to follow the pool story. what are you doing outside? >> steve: it's vacation time and people need to know about the weather. in new york, it's a beautiful day. i tell you what, we've got big news, look toward the bahamas. look at florida fellow to the east, that's tropical storm bret. it's now -- i think the maximum sustained winds are 50 miles an hour. traveling to the northeast at 3. if you're in florida, it looks like it will take a hard right turn and should miss the mainland. that is the good news. you do see widely scattered showers in portions of the northern plains and we'll show you one more quick map to show you the current temperatures as you head out the door, whether it's vacation or just going to work. it's already warming up in the northern plains, 81 already in minneapolis. and also kansas city.
5:32 am
same temperatures. down south along the gulf coast. that's your fox travelcast. now back inside to brian and molly. >> molly: all right. thank you, steve. other news making headlines this hour, police are looking for the gunman who burst into an iowa congressman's leonard bosswell's farm house and threatened his daughter, demanding money. he's a 77-year-old vietnam veteran fought with the intruder and his 22 grandson aimed a shotgun at the robber, scared him off. no one was seriously hurt. police think it was a random attack and not politically motivated. >> brian: the father of zazi. he was charged with obstruction of justice and lying to the feds. he's also accused of helping destroy the evidence. he could take the stand to testify his father had no knowledge of the plot. but who know what is he'll say? >> molly: she was hand picked by president obama to run his new
5:33 am
consumer financial protection bureau, but she's not getting the job. today the president will nominate richard cordrick. republicans are vow to go vote against him or any nominee until the white house makes changes to the agency. >> brian: a woman at phoenix sky harbor arrested for turning the tables on the tsa agent. the woman of colorado reportedly grabbed the breast of a female agent after a breast about going through the scanner. she's facing a count of felony sex assault. we asked what you thought. here is what you said. one man says, once again, the federal government gives itself a pass where it holds its citizens accountable. people are getting tired of the exceptions for bureaucrats can and congressmen and keep accumulating them. another says, if an underwear bomber killed a plane full of memories, who would be blamed?
5:34 am
that was our point exactly. >> molly: according to a new study, marriages are better for both partner when is wives are thinner than their husbands and no, you don't have to look like hallelujah. this study looked at 170 newly wed couples and found both husbands and wives were happier when the wife manipulated a lower body mass index than her man. women, don't have to be skinny. just smaller compared to their husbands to feel good about themselves. >> steve: really? interesting stuff. joining us on the telephone right now is donald trump. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> steve: are you exhausted? because i know you've had a very busy week and your daughter, ivanka had a baby and you are a grandpa for the third time. >> well, i just left the hospital and the baby is beautiful. the baby looks just like molly line. >> steve: how does that work. >> interesting one, isn't it? >> molly: how is ivanka doing? >> she's doing really great.
5:35 am
>> it's arabella, exotic name, arabella rose. i just found that out. >> steve: is there a line of arabellas in the trump line? >> i guess that will be next. she will be doing her thing soon, i'm sure. >> steve: that's great. >> brian: your ears must have been ringing because they were talking about you on every channel and so was the president in his weekly address. it's time for those, the most fortunate in our society to pay more. how do you feel about the emphasis on the rich skating through society as the president's couched it? >> i think it's really important that you don't take incentive away from people. the rich can leave, they can go to other countries. they can create jobs elsewhere. and i think it's really important that you don't take incentives away from people that really are the job producers. with that being said, when you look at what's going on with the country, when you look at how we're being taken advantage of, i am a tax increaser for certain people and certain countries that don't treat us fairly and
5:36 am
one of them would be china. and if we did taxing on china, you would get jobs back. and there are other countries that i call them abusers. they abuse this country. they abuse our great country. and when you have an abusive country, abusive to us, we should be taxing them and we should be taxing them big league. and i've said it so many times and it brought me to number one in the polls and nobody picks it up. it's amazing. it's amazing. nobody picks it up. but the other problem is i look at the infrastructure of this country, you drive out -- you go on the roads and you see it in new york, you see it all over. you drive on the roads and you just look at these roads that were built 60, 70, 80 years ago and they're in such bad shape and you go to other countries. you go to some of these countries that, as an example, go to china, places in india, you go to abu dhabi, you see roads that are lined with gold and it's very sad. >> steve: in new york city, one of the richest cities in the
5:37 am
planet and so many things are crumbling. when the president talks about there has to be shared sacrifice, there are a lot of people in this country, over half, don't even pay any federal taxes. so he's really talking about you. you're going to have to sacrifice more. >> i don't mind sacrificing for the country, to be honest with you, but you do have is a problem because half of the people don't pay any tax. and when he's talking about that, he's talking about people who aren't also working, that are not contributing to this society and it's a problem. but we have 50% just hit the 50% mark, 50% of the people are paying no tax! >> molly: on another note, something that -- this isn't particularly surprising. hollywood throwing a lot of support behind president obama. big names, george clooney, gwyneth paltrow, jennifer garner, the list goes on. how can republicans compete with this kind of hollywood money that's flowing in? >> i don't think they have to. obama is doing such a poor job as president that if the right
5:38 am
person runs, that person is going to win. obama is just doing an absolutely incredibly poor job. hey, i'm a member of hollywood. i have a top show on television. i'm a member of hollywood, i guess, even though i'm sitting in new york 95% of the time. but the fact is that obama's record, especially at the time, they're going to be really looking during that one-week period, but at the time of the election, obama's record will speak loud and clear and if it continues to go the way it is, i don't think he can be reelected. >> brian: his leadership style is interesting. two of the three press conferences he's trying to couch himself, mr. trump, as somebody that is above it, like these kids keep arguing, these republicans and democrats. i want them to get together. i want a plan on my desk. what do you think of that approach? >> he's supposed to be the leader and the leader goes in and gets things done. they knock heads and they get it done. and if you look at what's going on with this debt ceiling, it's absolutely a joke. i have to tell you, i'm ashamed
5:39 am
of what the republicans are doing. the republicans are losing a great opportunity to once and for all solve this problem. they're kicking the ball down the road. >> brian: how would you solve it? >> i'd get everybody together and i would not do anything with respect to the debt ceiling until we had a deal. this is the time to do it. everybody wants it to be done and the republicans are just not doing it. i'm very saddened by the performance of the republicans. they have a great opportunity to get this problem solved and they're not doing it. >> brian: i don't know what you mean by that. do you not want them to leave the room? >> i want obama to lead, to start out with. he's obviously not leading. he talks to everybody like, you know, it's not his fault. but somebody has to get everybody together and get the problem solved. you know what? a month ago i thought they were going to do that. now it looks like they're not. they're just going to punt and i don't like that. this is the time to get the problem solved on a long-term
5:40 am
basis. >> steve: last week you called the republicans el foldo. >> i'm a republican and i'm very much ashamed by what's going on with the republican party. first of all, as you go back to december, the lame duck session, they brought obama back. they brought him back like a phoenix arising. he was jimmy carter and then became the rising phoenix. they let him back into the game and they shouldn't have done that. they just aren't doing good. then you have this plan where they want to attack medicare. they have elections to win in all fairness. medicare is not a bad program. tremendous abuse, tremendous everything, but they attacked medicare and they have to run for election and the democrats, by the way, are having a field day with this and as you know, you lost an election in buffalo that was unlosable. so the republicans are doing a very, very, very sad job and maybe that will change, but this is the time to solve the problem, right now. >> steve: a moment ago when you were talking about if the republicans don't nominate the
5:41 am
right person. it kind of sounds like you are still hanging your hat out there, like if this doesn't work out, i'm going to drop my hat into the ring. >> it's very funny. i loved doing it. i realize you guys know very well. i love doing it. i had a great time doing it and i thought i was very constructive and i'm going to look at something. the show is going to go on and off and at some point, i'll be a free agent and i will be looking at something if the right person is not chosen. a couple things have to happen. the economy has to continue to be bad, which i believe it's going to get worse. and the republicans have to make a big mistake, which they very well might by picking the wrong person. then i might do something. it would be too late to be with the republican party. you'd be talking about may or june. >> steve: interesting stuff. that's why we have him every monday morning. donald trump, call him grandpa if you see him on the street because he just had another grandchild.
5:42 am
>> it's very exciting and i'll speak to you next week. >> steve: our best to arabela. >> thank you. >> molly: coming up, allison of "american pie" bringing her tales to the curvy couch. there is a reunion in the works. >> steve: hmm, pie. somebody tell the guy driving miss daisy he would be better off if she took the wheel. why old drivers are better. with the 48-hour sale, the possibilities are endless. interesting... save up to 50% this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart.
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5:46 am
safer with grandparents behind the wheel. kids were half as likely to be injured in crashes when grandma is driving instead of mom. another marine looking for love in hollywood. this time it's sergeant ray loos asking betty white to be his date. no word if the 90-year-old has accepted, but both mila kunis and justin timberlake said yes to their invites. >> brian: can you believe it's 13 years since the first "american pie" movie? >> this one time -- >> what's your name? >> michelle. >> okay, michelle. do you want to be my date for the prom? >> really? you seriously want to go with me? >> yes. >> cool! we're going to have such a good time. it will be like this one time at camp. >> molly: it's time for a reunion. allison hahnemann beginning us
5:47 am
to chat about the reunion. >> steve: you say this is a reunion because there was some originals and then there were some in the middle that went right to dvd? >> yes. i was not part of those. >> steve: no, you weren't. they did talk "american pie," but that was a different flavor. >> no, this is the reunion, high school reunion. we're all back and it's been a blast. we're shooting it now and it's really funny. >> brian: what could you tell us about it? >> it's a high school reunion, everyone is back and we're all -- >> brian: what's changed? >> a lot. >> steve: is there pie? >> there is pie. but there is band room. >> steve: of course. >> and you just get to catch up with all the characters you love. it's going to be really fun. >> molly: you guys are all back. this whole story it kind of mirrored your life in a weird way, kind of the places you've been along the line. >> yeah. my character in the movie is a mom now and i'm a mom. and so there is some
5:48 am
similarities. i don't play them -- >> steve: look at that handsome family right there. speaking of families, "how i met your mother ," your character is pregnant. what can you tell us about this? who is the father? >> well, my husband on the show is the father, yes. and i'm excited. i don't know what they have in store for us, but pregnancy should be fun and yeah. and i'm also here in new york and very excited to be partnered with head and shoulders for the good girlfriend guide. >> steve: what's that? >> it's this on-line manual that you go to to the head and shoulders for women facebook page and you can get advice or give advice on, like, any sort of thing, from beauty tips to, like, relationship stuff. >> steve: boyfriend relate? >> everything. >> brian: you call the number on the back of the bottle -- >> no, you go -- >> brian: i never call that number. >> well, maybe you should.
5:49 am
>> brian: i should. >> go to the head and shoulders for women facebook page and you can log on and they have this great web site and it's going to become an e book and it's just going to be -- like all those things that you sort of need to know or that you have great advice, if you have like the perfect tip for getting a splinter out -- that's not going to be that -- it's going to be much better than that. they'll have beauty experts. great tips. i'm really excited about it. >> steve: fantastic. once again, folks would like more information, go to our web site and we'll link you to her web site. >> thank you. it's going to be great. >> steve: thank you very much. good luck with the movie and tv show and shampoo. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, it's the video people across the people watch. shows an eight-year-old boy before he was kidnapped. coming up, you'll meet a former new york city cop with a lesson for all you parents out there and for kids. >> steve: right now let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of what happens in 11
5:50 am
minutes. >> what a terrible story that's been. breaking news on a capsized boat on lake michigan. at least two people missing. the coast guard enroute. we'll be in touch with them. how did a stage collapse in front of a live concert audience? we have the pictures. we will show you. where is casey anthony now that she's out of jail? and what happens to you and your family if the debt deadline passes without any deal? will anything happen? we'll see you in ten minutes on "america's news room."
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> brian: video people all across the country watched. it shows an eight-year-old who moments before he was kidnapped and killed. now parents wondering how they can keep their kids safe. our next guest says they just need to know how to defend themselves and i'm talking about the kids themselves. former new york city police
5:54 am
officer is here to help everybody out. gary, welcome. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> brian: common things that an adult would do to grab a kid. number one, grab them by the arm. correct? >> if they pull them and he starts pulling this way, all his forces are going this way. one of the things i would teach is if you pull my arm. the kid is resisting, but he's stronger. since his movement is going that way, spin around. >> brian: step toward and spin around and run. >> he's pulling, the kid is resisting, but the kid can't resist him. if he snaps faster and makes a circle, he'll be able to push the aggressor off. >> brian: okay. the next one is a head lock. a lot of times the adult will grab a kid around the head. >> right. >> brian: i'll grab you. >> he grabs me, first of all, go right for the groin, it's right
5:55 am
here. sometimes he can let go. if that doesn't work, you can come around and his fingers could reach under the nose and go straight for the person. another method is if he's in motion, on a fess pulling me forward, he can put his foot here, if you lay down, the person will flip over his leg. >> brian: the last one would be, the adult sees a kid and we know this happens before they grab the kid. >> right. a lot of times people get picked up, he may pick up a kid, i'll pick you up this way. >> brian: two things you can do. one, head butt. >> right. if you grab me around my arms, when i can bang your head. the kid can get his hands around here. he can lean and break his balance. you're hitting the center of gravity. press the hips, it's a joint. it can cause him to fall. the last one is grab -- if he's being grabbed, he can reach with
5:56 am
his hands and spin around. if he doesn't spin around, he'll need an orthopedic for the rest of his life. these are simple things they can learn to do if they practice. >> brian: good. you think they should sign up for classes. two, give the kids a cell phone. >> mine is 917-916-4681. you can reach me. we have seminars all around the country. >> brian: no, no. one of your advice is give your kids a cell phone. right? >> i'm sorry. but anyway. >> every child over seven should have a tracking device and a cell phone. we put trackers on cars but not on kids. >> brian: great advice. hopefully you saved a few kids. more "fox & friends" in twohe minutes. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol.
5:57 am
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>> steve: tomorrow on the program, laura ingraham will be
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